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Find out what our customers have to say.

We love hearing about how our customers have enjoyed their time with the gorgeous and high energy escorts throughout London that we have to offer. Our customers are located around the globe and choose is when they are in town. Below, we have decided to share some of the reviews we have received.

I called Monica the prior night to give a reference and set up a period for the following day. When I called the following morning I got a location in the northern rural areas. We had a miscommunication and I wound up being 45 minutes late. When I arrived she got together with me outside and was exceptionally conciliatory as was I. When we got to the room she gave me an embrace and kiss- - a few really - and we got settled.
Monica is lovely, both face and body. We laid next two each other touching and talking until I required something more. She caressed my chicken, returning to it over and over, and it was common rather than mechanical. The French kissing was amazing, similar to a sweetheart and NOT a restorative methodology - full lips, delicate tongue. I investigated her body, however and she discussed her tattoos. I didn't get too into her pussy since it was our first visit, however her legs were completely open and welcoming. I played with her tits and she delighted in it. The tips of her areolas were erect and touchy and pleasantly thick and a delight to suck on. She was enthusiastic and amazingly open. The oral was fantastic - uncovered back and loads of licking- - and we completed up with two positions before I came, doggie and teacher. She truly got into it, groaning and pushing. She complimented my own particular thickness and we lose/talked some more till the hour + was up. Wished I could have hung out with her for the day. I'm still wandering off in fantasy land about it. Goodness!
by John, from Croydon | Written on 2016-08-01
Our joint meeting was very successful from the beginning to the end. This unique escort made me day. First we went to my favourite restaurant, and then to my place, so there we could continue to celebrate. It was an all-night and really I was very happy with her service, manners and she also charmed me her character. She is one of those girls, you certainly remember for a long time and definitely take into account using her services once again. I give her five stars and would recommend to others looking for adventures in London.
by Ronald, from Swindon | Written on 2015-08-04
"I've been thrilled with Escorts of London Agency since I first heard about them. The girls are gorgeous and the rates are affordable."
by Michael , from Sussex | Written on 2015-01-15
"Each time I come into London, the girls are always ready to spend time with me. I've never been unable to get the girl I've requested."
by Shawn, from Dublin | Written on 2014-09-16
"There's no escort agency quite like this one. I have travelled the world and I have to say, the Escorts of London Agency really have the hottest and most professional girls. I'm always impressed by who knocks on my door."
by Patrick, from Wales | Written on 2014-05-04
"I had a wedding but no date, so I called the escort agency. I was nervous and had no idea who I was going to get. The brunette was friendly, easy going, and absolutely gorgeous."
by James, from London | Written on 2014-03-12
"When a co-worker first suggested I call for an escort, I thought he was insane. On a whim, I called and am so glad I did. The girl the agency sent me was absolutely amazing and I've had the pleasure of spending time with her since our first encounter. Five stars all the way!"
by David, from New York City | Written on 2013-09-18
"My first impression was that these girls were way too cute to be the real thing. I couldn't believe how down to earth all the girls have been and I'm happy to recommend Escorts of London Agency to anyone!"
by Brandon, from Sydney | Written on 2013-08-12